Monday, March 12, 2012

Long Time Missing

Well we are home and have been for a month. Where does the time go. We spent time in Jacksonville Florida with a former Navy buddy, Frank. We had a wonderful time. He is now living in a Retirement  Community and we were able to stay right there for our visit. It was very pleasant.

One day I told mu hubby that I was going to go to the quilt shop and Frank thought it was probably better if they took me. I assured them that with my trusty GPS i would be fine. When I got in the car and turned on the GPS I was only one and a half miles away. 

What a lovely shop! . When I walked in I saw Janice Vaine's book that I own. I asked about it and they told me she was going to be teaching there on Friday, and she would have her NEW book with her! Sadly we were leaving on Friday but they assured me if I came in before her class started I could purchase her book. We stopped in on our way out of town so I could purchase her new book and I was lucky enough to get to meet her. A lovely lady. Oh how I wish I could have stayed for class. More about this in the next couple of posts. 

We then left and headed north to my wonderful Sister in law's new retirement home. Yes, we are certainly seeing lot of choices. We had a wonderful visit and only wished we lived closer to her. She is an awesome lady. She has only lived here for about six months and has already made her mark. There are a four lovely widows that meet every evening at the "dining room" bar to have their before dinner cocktail. They are known as the "MWBF", Merry Widow Bar Flies. They even had they picture in the Southern Pines newspaper. What a gal!

We finally arrived home late evening of February 16, after my monthly treatment at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center.

We woke up a couple of days later to this lovely scene. Although it didn't last long it sure was a change.

After we unpacked and I got all the clothes and "stuff" put away I started to sew like a made fool. I will post more tomorrow along with pictures.

Good night for now,

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