Friday, March 16, 2012

Ribboned Bouquet

Well I have talked about my next project using this wonderful book I was able to buy in Jacksonville our our way North. I used the method from that book for my basket handles. 

When I applique a curve I either bast or draw the inside of the curve and stitch my appliqued piece there first. The outside of the curve will "stretch" to fit, of course that is true if you made the "tube" from piece of fabric cut on the bias.
Gathering Supplies
I ordered the wire edged ribbon my mail when I was in NC and when I got home I went to a number of fabric stores to try to find the large print fabric for the borders. After purchasing three different ones I finally decided on this one. I have been following the directions fairly well except I have appliqued all the stems on all the blocks and then did all the embroidered leaves. 
Stems and Leaves
As you can see I have now started the fun stuff. This rose is padded applique. It will have embroidered accents and ribbon leaves. I hope to get a lot done today. It is a wonderful project and the directions and diagrams in the book are wonderful. It is a delight to work on. So many times I have purchased a pattern and felt like I needed a PhD in hieroglyphics. 

A Time Out Project
I took time out to make some shirts (seven in all) for my grandchildren's Destination ImagiNation team project. My daughter is the coach so they have a little extra pull! They drew the image and selected the name. They sure are happy Dodo Birds! They built a time machine as their project.

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