Saturday, January 14, 2012

Change in the Water

Normally the water is very calm nothing like at home. For the past couple of days the water has been rough and choppy and very loud. According to the weather maps there have been no big storms around, but this is what it has looked like from the balcony, as you can see it is nothing like the ocean along the Maine coast but we haven't seen this when we have been here. 

Choppy for Here

This morning the Gulf is back to it's calm and restful self. You can see a small sand bar in the picture that and another one that is out of camera range were not there before the "choppy" waters. I certainly would not want to be here in a hurricane but would love to see a real storm. 

Calm waters

Well I have been stitching away on my wool block and I am having a good time. I called Colleen (my daughter owner of Thread to send me a care package with some beads. I have more flowers to add but want some beads to use as i stitch down the remaining flowers and berries.

Folk Art Basket 

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