Friday, January 20, 2012

Well I got all the leaf ribbon sewn on and I love how the quilt is shaping up. Once I get home to my sewing machine I will machine quilt, and then bind it.
Quilt with Ribbon Leaves
Now onto the Folk Art Vase, I will add beads to the rest of the applique.

I drove to the doctors office today to get my cancer treatment and after I was finished as I was driving "home" i stopped at Books A Million and bought a beading and Applique book. Huge store when I was there they lost power so I had to sit and read for a while until the electrician repaired the problem. I was talking to another customer and asked her if she knew of any fabric stores as I had not been able to find one or a quilt shop on line or in the phone book. She told me about A & E Drugstore. What a crazy store. They sell drugs of course and fabric and they have a lot of it. All the major quilt brands are represented. They have notions for quilters, including rulers, thread, patterns  and a good supply of books. In addition they have all things needed for Mardi Gras, feather boas, beads, masks and more. It sure was an interesting place.

I also had a good laugh as I drove home from there I went by a Beauty Parlor called are you ready ... Curl Up and Dye. I wanted to go in and get a hair cut and talk to the owner she must have a great sense of humor.

Bye for now.. off to sew

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