Thursday, January 12, 2012

New Project

Traced and Basted Design on Press and Seal

Well again I realize I don't have all of my normal tools. How do I transfer my design to my wool background to start my applique. Glad Press and Seal to the rescue. I traced the design onto the Press and Seal and then basted through to get the basic design for the center vase and the stems. Once basting was complete I removed the Press and seal by tearing it away. It certainly would have been easier to see if I had another color of thread but it worked fine up close and with good light.

Vase with Stems

Well here is the beginning the vase was attached with chain stitch and the stems are done in stem stitch. I think I will do each flower with a different stitch.

I have learned a couple of things I will see to it that my "sewing box" for travel contains a few more tools. I have not done much applique with wool but really love working on it. I always loved sewing garments with wool it is sooo... forgiving and I can see the wool applique is the same.

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