Saturday, January 28, 2012

Perfect Day

Well here it is another perfect day. I have been stitching on my crazy quilt and having a lot of fun doing so. I also have been working with my new computer getting things saved that I need or want and cleaning up my old computer. I think Jim may keep it as it is newer than his laptop. He only uses the laptop when we are away from home as he loves his desktop and large screen.

We will be leaving here on Tuesday heading to Jacksonville to see an old Navy friend, and then on to my sister in law's new home. It will be good to get to see her. One interesting thing we can see is how the beach has changed "shape" since we have been here. I talked about the sandbar moving well now it is gone and part of the beach. It would be interesting to live here for a whole year and watch what nature does to the shore.

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